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Recreation Meeting is scheduled for

 Wednesday September 21st 7:30pm

 Meeting Dates for 2016

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  Upstairs in the Recreation Building

 All public are Welcome

 The New Milford Recreation Commission

5yrs - 7 members, 2 Alternates

Meet twice per Month

Appointed by Mayor

Borough Ordinance 2-31 


Chairman - Joe Ricciardelli 12/31/20   

Vice Chairman - Maura Henyecz 12/31/19   

Joe Albanese 12/31/16

Jose Correa 12/31/17

Mark Flores 12/31/19 (2nd alternate)   

Peter Goldschmidt 12/31/19 

 Jason Levine 12/31/15  (1st alternate)


John O'Grady 12/31/20   

Kevin Youngs 12/31/18   



Director - John Bigger  



(Are appointed on a yearly basis,

if interested please contact our Rec Director)


Indoor Soccer -  Open

Fall Rec Soccer - Kristin Becker/Cheryll Caledron

Fall/Spring NCSA- Kristin Becker/Cheryll Caledron

Rec Basketball - Dan Davis

Travel Basketball- Dan Davis

Wrestling - Open

Softball -  Open

UGals - Open







Contact NM Recreation:      

Recreation Director, John Bigger (201) 686-7692